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a film that does not beg for sympathy, but that strives for change

Coming out on the 24th of November 2022


When 15-year-old Mercy faces the unimaginable, her courage and resilience come to the fore. What could have been the end of her story is only the start of a new journey.

Help us bring the
'Tumaini Women's Centers'
to life.

The Tumani Women's Center, which features in the film 'Mercy' is a women's center that we created for the film- a center where women and young girls do not have to feel alone.


When conceptualizing this center, as described in our film, which is not just a center that provides counseling and free HIV Testing but a haven where young girls can find their passions, whether it be music, dance, drama, karate, and so much more. We did not create something simply for a set for a scene in a movie, but we created something that we knew we could one day bring to life;
from our script, we created a foundation to make an impact. 


 A foundation that would allow us to change so many lives.

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